Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year?

Today is New Years Eve. I'm trying not to notice it because last year may well have been the worst of my life. Many of the Christmas decorations were removed during the night. I am assuming that the rest will follow soon.
What has been really weird today is that different countries celebrate the New Year in different time zones...the Aussies on board had their celebration this morning!
The Brits will congregate in the grand lobby at eight o'clock to sing in the New Year! I will not be joining them. David and I really didn't do much on this day except watch the fireworks over the water from Falmouth.
The New year!
In the event last night was fine. I had pleasant supper companions and joined in some of the celebrations!
Cunard gave us a wonderful meal of lobster and scallops and there was a wide choice of activities.
This morning we are in a whole new year... I pray for everyone . I hope the worlds problems reach some sort of resolutions. To all of my friends I shout... "Happy New Year" Please God .

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