Friday, 9 January 2015

Last Day!

I am packed...more or less. And I am cursing myself for bringing far too many clothes. When flying is involved weight matters and is a wonderful discipline. This time however without David or weight restriction, caution was thrown to the wind. I am now regretting it!
Despite the cough I have enjoyed most of it.
I was adopted onto a quiz team as their religious advisor ( ahem)
We have won fairly often with the help of several distinguished advisors.
David is now turning in his grave......but I shall not be going to the prize presentation....I really don't need any key rings, bottle openers etc!
Anyway there is no room left in my suitcases for one more thing no matter how small!
My thoughts are inevitably turning to the disembarkation .
As a diamond member I get off first....I just hope for two things....that someone will help me get my cases into a trolley and that my lovely taxi man will be just as early! I forgot to get his mobile number!
I must learn to stop worrying. David never did! He had an absolute faith that everything would resolve itself easily.... I have yet to learn this trick.
The pianist is now playing "There will be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover!
We will pass Bishops Rock around five. After that the coastlines of Cornwall , Devon and Somerset will bring me home. ( for this sentimentality blame the pianist!)

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