Saturday, 17 January 2015

Loving our neighbours.

I can't remember a time when waking up was so depressing. A very old habit from the time I was first a widow has returned. I switch on the radio whilst I come to terms with the new day and get my creaking joints moving!
Day by day the news gets worse. In a few months the whole world has changed.
Attacks all over the world show the grim determination to shake Christian or Jewish communities into awareness of danger.
I know that most Muslims who were born in this country are just as horrified as we are by the growing number of attacks .
The attempt to impose Sharia law into Christian countries is very frightening when we see examples of young women being beheaded publicly , a young man being beaten by 50 lashes a week for writing a blog!
Once free speech comes under attack we become very aware of the real danger around us.
We react to the danger in different ways. Loving each other has become hard.
"Love your neighbours as yourself"
We have to try but suddenly it's much much harder!
Hear our prayer Lord.
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  1. Thanks Jean,

    Yes, there is lots of bad news, but they as you know, never report the good news. An example of a Mosque sheltering Christians at risk in the Central African Republic?

    I don't believe as some do that being Moslem means that you're a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism. The media's reporting makes it sound so much worse than it is (although, I know that those who suffer it obviously is). Putting things into perspective, 17 people were killed in France last week through violence. About 27 were killed on their roads? I'm not condoning either but it shows how callous we are when we don't really think about road casualties, unless we know them personally, but put up our hands in horror for the victims of an atrocity - for the families of either, it's still, life changing, loss and grief in violent circumstances.

    Indeed - Lord, hear our prayer.