Tuesday, 13 January 2015

May is coming.

We live in interesting times....the election campaign is now in full swing clearly. Most of us would want the best possible outcome in May! The difficulty lies in most of us having no real clue what the best possible outcome might be!
Having just spent a month with a wide variety of opinion coming every day the situation seems far from clear cut!
People I grew to like a lot are clearly going to vote UKIP!
All the Americans hated Obama .
The jihadist situation colours much of our thinking as we have witnessed it's rise. We clearly need a strong government which can keep us safe!
The problem lies in determining which of our political parties might be best for that quite apart from the normal business of sorting out our health, our schools , our financial wellbeing, our taxes.
Right now it seems many people like me are undecided. The coalition has lasted five years but most of us really don't want another!
The next months are going to be very interesting indeed....but it would be nice to have a dull period occasionally!

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