Friday, 16 January 2015

Meter reading in a gale!

Yesterday was the day for solving another small problem. Whilst I was in the Caribbean I got a request for me to send the current meter reading for the electricity bill to be checked. It had to wait!
During the Autumn gales I had asked my gardener to make the door secure after spending several nights listening to it banging in high wind!
So the first thing to do was to get the door open!
Looking then at the meter I saw three separate lines of numbers changing all the time!
I wrote them down struggling to stay on my feet during the process!
Trying to fill in the form on my computer provided a bit of a mystery....there was only one line to enter the number and I had three!
On the web site there was the headline "Contact us"
I chose the live chat option with some misgiving.
I need not have worried. A most helpful young woman took all three numbers, juggled them , told me how much electricity I'd used in the last year, arranged for me to continue to pay the same direct debit and left me feeling that I'd sorted out another of the arcane bits of knowledge that David managed whilst I ate cake!
I am slowly getting there....even the cough is not quite so frightening . The weather today is calm and bright. It is possible to walk upright again...things are starting to look up!

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