Monday, 5 January 2015

Moving times!

The first day of the rest of the cruise has been interesting. The dynamics have all changed...again.
Most of the Americans have gone to be replaced by Brits going home.
My table for dinner is very interesting especially as I was invited to it!
I'm not quite sure what the qualification is but the Catholic priest is at the same table so I have my suspicions. .....
On the six day trip out our clocks were moved on four times to get us right with New York Times but always at night.
Today our clocks were moved back an hour at twelve noon!
On the way over we got extra hours in bed. On the way back we just have shorter afternoons!
It's interesting. I'm not sure how Cunard hit on this notion but at first sight it seems a good idea!
The sea is quite rough...the boat can cope but some passengers are finding it difficult! The people with mobility problems are having some interesting moments but luckily there are grab rails everywhere!
So the aim now is to stay upright....ahem!

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