Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Old and new experiences!

I am sitting in the Commodore club sipping a whiskey Mac. It's taken time but I have taught the various young men how to do it now!
This morning I continued a well worn practice set up by David. Every trip on Cunard we bought a bronze statue. They stand in my sitting room where they are much loved. Today's bronze is of a little girl fishing in a big straw hat!
I still need to carry on with time honoured practices.
So when the very talented pianist started to play "Jesu joy of man's desiring" tears came into my eyes. Dam it, David has made me into a sentimental old woman!
Late evening.
In company with three other ladies from my table....I intended to listen to a talk tonight but to our astonishment the theatre was full. We went dancing instead. This unlikely venture meant that I was asked up three times! It is forty years at least since I danced! Naturally the men who asked me up were the escorts specially laid on by Cunard to do just that. They coped very well! I actually did the rumba,!
New experiences are piling up fast. ,

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