Friday, 30 January 2015

Safe climbing!

I am not sure if the weather outside has an effect on electrical fixings inside the house but this week the light showing the meter for the solar tiles stopped working.
When it happened after David died it stayed off for several months before a kindly man showed me how to switch it on again! During that period the electricity went unmetered!
Since that time it has twice shut down but I now check fairly regularly and take action if needed.
There is a problem though. In order to get it working again a switch has to be pushed down. That's the easy bit. In order to reach the switch I have to climb a step ladder!
That in itself isn't a problem either but I am reluctant to do it in case I fall in the process!
A good friend close by fell in his bathroom and it was hours before he got help!
I joke that if I fell here it would be a week before anyone found me!
There is a serious side to this clearly so I now carry a phone around in my pocket....and I don't go up the step ladders unaccompanied .So this week a visitor had to be asked to stand by whilst I turned on the solar panels !
He would have done it for me but in my mind that would have been a cop out...I have to do these things myself...
If I get people to do essential jobs for me I will have finally arrived at the stage of helpless old woman...and I am not yet ready for that!
I have wondered though why everything has to be so high....surely they could be put somewhere that us old ladies can reach  without having to climb a step ladder?
It's all part of the ageing proccess that I am getting used to now but an easier solution ought to be possible without my dragging casual visitors up the stairs to stand by in case I fall off a ladder.
So far they have all been very good....thank you God.

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