Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Stormy seas!

Well. The bug that has grabbed us all since leaving New York has turned nasty!
I am both coughing and sneezing for Britain. When I sit down I make sure no ones in range if possible.
Many people are in their cabins so the tables are empty most of the time even though the food is excellent!
When we had a bug on the Queen Elizabeth a couple of years ago we all got thrown off the boat whilst it was disinfected! I think they ought to attempt something similar here though throwing us all into the North Atlantic might not work as well as sending us out into Los Angeles for a day!
I went to watch a film last night in a mostly empty theatre..."The best exotic Marigold Hotel. It was excellent and we have Celia Imery on board to talk about it! Fascinating stuff!
We are now on our second day of very heavy seas. Thankfully I am free from any sign of seasickness but many are suffering.!
So it's not all undiluted joy on a long sea voyage!

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