Thursday, 8 January 2015

Terrible news.

Since seeing the news this morning of twelve people killed in a terror attack in Paris I have turned the news channels on more than ever before. Of course it affects us all. We may not be French . We may mot be satirists. But we are all human and this crime is inhuman.
A strange feeling is all around me. There are some French here. There are also some Muslims though no extremes of dress have been visible. We are looking at each other through different eyes because there are at least ten nationalities living together in peace on here...and long may that continue....
At lunch time I found myself talking to the young wine waiter from Cornwall. He goes home to his family on the same day that I return too!
We are now ready to go....
We chatted happily about the fact that Spring will have come early to Cornwall. I had got camellias out before I left. The primroses were pushing up their leaves. The daffodils were sharp spears in the grass.
I've been away for long enough. Friday will be a packing day so tomorrow will be the last day really. We both agreed it was time to get home!
I pray that all the decent Muslims of which there must be many more than the ones planning Jihad will somehow stop the killing and the horror because the longer it goes on the more severe the retribution . It has to stop somewhere. Please God let it be here! Now!

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  1. Paula had Camelias out in the garden in Kent ver the new year and I have Iris in bloom. My Helebores are beautifully on their way and they are wonderful at this time of the year and will last way until February. I hope all's well when you get home Jean and apart from the coughs and colds that you have enjoyed your adventure xx