Sunday, 25 January 2015

Timing is everything!

During the last huge gale here I lost a couple of tiles from the roof! It's very hard to see my roof unless I cross the road and stand a good way away but me and the gardener spotted a couple of places in need of a tile!
I asked around the village. No roofer was discovered...the consensus of opinion was to hang on till Spring..more tiles could be off by that time!
Mmmm. I thought about this......
In David's time he never really bothered about loose tiles...but he's not here any more!
Yesterday my first wedding couple of the year arrived. We had a lot to talk about...but it emerged during the chat that the bridegroom was actually a roofer!
He lives a couple of villages along but promised to come and fix the roof....
I told him I wanted the bill for this...he was not doing it for nothing! He agreed!
I can only be amazed ! The right man for the job turned up literally out of the blue at just the right time.
Thank you God....nice timing!

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