Monday, 26 January 2015

To frack?

The debate on fracking proceeds at alarming rate!
Here, living in an area of outstanding natural beauty I know it will never affect me but having read about the fracking already started in Lancashire I am concerned about the relaxation of the safe guards on what can happen under our homes.
It seems entirely wrong that firms can be given the right to drill down under our houses!
The argument that untold riches lie within our grasp, that we are in desperate need of cheap gas, that in fact Eldorado lies easily within our grasp if we are just brave enough to get on with it does not reassure me!
I have spoken to many Americans on this subject...most confirm the industrial nature of this enterprise! Some have moved house to escape the worst mess left by fracking!
Renewable energy must surely be the way to power, wind power...even wave power must surely be the way to go into the future...but we are instead taking a short term solution to our energy problem...
I hope the people who would be affected by this new initiative will find their voice in time to stop it happening...
The election is almost upon the very least a couple of months hiatus till we know who will be in charge over the next five years seems sensible...

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  1. I'm with you all the way on this one Jean. In a country which is already undermined (pun Intended) by derelict coal mines, tin mines and copper mines, the thought of yet more destruction of the infrastructure is really alarming.
    In the end I think there will be no option left to our illustrious leaders but the to me, obvious one of wind and wave power.
    Why is every step of so-called progress invariably preceded by some type of demolition.
    This is a beautiful world. Why can't the powers that be leave it that way.?

    1. I suspect that this is being led by big business Ray who are scrambling to get in before the election. There is obviously not as much money to be made from renewables !

  2. Surely not Jean. Do I detect a hint of cynicism?
    We all know our politicians are above such sordid reasoning.
    Ouch! Just had to have my tongue surgically removed from my cheek.

    1. It seems that our politicians actually listened last night! You can get your tongue out again! Some good news anyway!