Thursday, 29 January 2015

Windy Ridge.

The wind here is an ever present factor . Yesterday when a very old friend who is also frail physically arrived in her car she had to be rescued from the drive because the wind was strong enough to knock her over if not blow her over the hedge!
I had sent the roofer home earlier, telling him that my roof was not as important as his life. The thought of someone being blown off the roof is not a good one!
After we'd moved in here about nine years ago my next door neighbour asked if anyone had told me its nickname was "Windy Ridge"
They hadn't!
Wind is an ever present factor's most unusual to have a quiet day!
Despite all this though the garden thrives wonderfully well behind the various wind breaks I've put in. It is in fact Spring here according to all the plants in flower .
The great joy though yesterday was when my frail friend saw the chair lift!
"Does that work?" she asked.
It does and she was transported upwards to sit in the ejector chair to see the wonderful view!
Today the wind is still blowing, this time accompanied by rain but I am staying snug indoors.
As she went my friend turned and pointed to the chair lift.
"Keep that " she said. "That is very useful! "
I think so too!

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  1. Well done, it might become a tourist attraction in time. You could stand at the bottom and collect donations for your local church.