Saturday, 7 February 2015


Waking very early I am reflecting on my changed state. It is the first anniversary of the day David left us.
I have shed my tears...mostly when I came to bed last night.
In a single moment my whole world changed .
During this year I have learned a lot.
The time spent on my own was constructive, positive, not miserable, not self pitying.
I wish with all my heart that we could have had longer. But in those short years we had , we grew together as a couple and experienced great joy before the final parting.
We were fortunate indeed...and with that knowledge I can now move on.
Back at work , I am still a very lucky woman, still full of joy and still thanking God that in my old age I am able to fulfil the promises made to God at my ordination.
So this morning, off I go preside at the eight o clock communion.
And afterwards I will stand at the grave side on my own....
The garlic grass is pushing up, and between the green leaves are primroses.
On the creek side the boats are wintering , waiting for the Spring tides to float them out over the sand bank.
There is a metaphor there...but not yet....
Rest in peace my love.

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  1. Prayers for you on such an auspicious occasion. Loving your blogs since Davids death - they give a unique insight into your grief, but also into God's grace working through you.