Friday, 20 February 2015

Building confidence.

There are several lessons to be learned from this week! It's not been a bad start to Lent in that case...
I must not send for anything until I've checked the measurements...the new "rug" covers at least half of my large lounge!
I cannot make ash by just dumping everything in the aga...and now a good friend has sent me some new Palm crosses to keep for next year!
I have succeeded in getting my roof fixed but I still have to find men to mend the guttering and paint the entire house a lovely shade of pink( just joking honestly)
I seem to be on good terms with the local blokes but I am under no illusions..most of this is David rubbing off on me for which I am very grateful.
And I must not have any more days dragging furniture from room to room. I am creaking now!
I have checked the tyres on the car. I have in fact been something of a whirlwind this week so now it's time to relax a little...
I've never been big on giving things up for Lent...especially if you tell everyone about it...I've always thought it better to take something on...
Giving up chocolate would be easy...I've gone off it in my old age! But that's definitely cheating...
Alcohol is another nightly whisky Mac is I suspect what keeps me going through the dark times and gets me a good sleep at night...
Let's see what next week brings...I have taken on a few extra things...truly!
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  1. Given the weather here at the moment I think that putting on an extra layer of clothes might be a good thing for Lent.

    Good to hear you're reflecting on the past week's traumas and have a suitable sense of humour to match it.

    I'm not sure how a pink house would fit into the rural landscape in Cornwall, but here it would just be regarded as eccentricity. Given that a number of houses have sprayed their external clading with various shades of pink, green or blue. Luckily ours is in a conservation area, which restricts such innovation without planning permission. But we can do what we like with the inside :)

    Must discuss pink walls with Jen, we're due a redecoration soon :)

  2. I agree with the idea of taking on rather than giving up for Lent, but a mixture of both is the way I've chosen to go.
    When I know someone needs help I like to think I respond, but, what I don't do, and now intend to do is to be more aware of those around me and act before it becomes a crying need.
    Good for me, and I hope for them too.
    Not overly ambitious I know, but it is often in the little things where the biggest difference can be made.