Friday, 27 February 2015

Dangerous blogging .

Until quite recently it never occurred to me that writing a blog could be dangerous!
To sit and record the daily panoply of thoughts echoing around my head has been the habit of a life time. I have always kept a after far too many house moves the ones written in old school books are gone...lost for ever..consigned to the dustbin of life!
Blogging though is different.
My murmurings are published day by day in company with thousands of others throughout the world, taking advantage of IT technology.
The news of the young blogger sentenced to prison and 50 lashes a week was shocking...but he was blogging on sensitive issues knowing that he was living dangerously.
The news of the atheist blogger in India hacked to death by outraged men who presumably are believers is very shocking this morning.
The notion of free speech is enshrined in all of our hearts.
That we could be imprisoned, beaten and killed for recording our beliefs is very frightening...but it is also another spur to our outpourings .
Words count! The killing of someone whose words were resented proves the point.

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