Thursday, 26 February 2015

Friendly visits.

Life is fast becoming "normal" again. Another fairly busy week has brought me visitors , problems to solve and books to read.
My reading list is queuing up nicely now...but the difference is that with a couple of exceptions the books are e books or audio books.
I have also resumed some visiting in the firm hope that my arrival will cheer rather than depress.
It was wonderful yesterday to find that a very old friend was open to the idea of ebooks and is going to download some onto her computer.
As she is approaching her nineties this is simply amazing. To have the sort of mind that can take on new technology and indeed embrace the freedom of choice and literature now available is wonderful.....
Being restricted in movement by limbs that don't quite do what we want them too as we get older is more than compensated by the ability to enjoy the range of literature now available.
For me spending time alone is still vital...but getting out and about is also a great treat.
Most of my visits are back to the village where I lived before I married David...I have good friends there sadly neglected for years!
These visits are not for pastoral reasons....they benefit me more than I could ever have guessed.
There is just one drawback....going home to an empty house always catches me even though I don't tell the house that I'm home every time now.
You never might start answering back!

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