Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Frost in Cornwall.

We have had a proper frost here. This is very unusual. A quick dash out to the car reveals that its swaddled in ice!
Living in the north I got used to getting up every morning and defrosting my car....but here it's unheard of!
I drove in icy conditions in North Wales or I would simply not have gone out!
Every winter I stocked up against the day when driving was impossible. Lots cereal, dried milk, tins of corned beef, pasta, they were all stored in an icy pantry just in case and they were actually used most winters during the worst weather!
One freezing Christmas I put the turkey in the oven only to find the electricity had gone off!
It was one of the best Christmases we ever had because we joined other families on the slopes of Moel Famau , our small mountain.
We sledged, we walked a very happy dog, and we finally had Christmas dinner around seven in the evening...raising a glass to the men who had turned out to restore the electricity!
This morning, walking on slippery paths for first time here brings it all back...the time when I had two teenagers and a dog as well as a husband! Happy days indeed!
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  1. Living here is almost the opposite of your situation. Because we are more or less in the middle, neither East nor West, North nor South we are usually a kind of cross-roads for weather systems.
    Yesterday Monday, we had a very hard frost which eased up very slowly through the day only to return in the evening.
    This morning everywhere was a couple of inches deep in snow which had turned to slush by lunchtime with a little weak sunshine.
    At this moment there is a very bright moon with very visible stars and the air is very cold and still. So who knows what tomorrow will bring.
    At least the British weather is never boring, and the extremes tend to bring all manner of goodwill out of the woodwork.
    Your Christmas day power-cut turned out so well after all, it could almost have been part of a divine plan.

    1. Keep warm Ray....hopefully that's part of the divine plan!