Thursday, 19 February 2015


I was waiting in for three seperate visits yesterday. The first was promised for early morning so I was up and dressed by eight o'clock...the man was going to bring me a new lacking unit for my front door.
The second was Sainsburys who were actually here five minutes early!
The third was the delivery of a new rug. They were here early too so that just left the replacement windows and doors person
I have only had this new door for a few months and without a handle which just dropped off, its not much use!
By early evening I was frazzled.
The rug was much bigger than I expected...I can't get it upstairs on my own....even the chair lift failed on this one!
During the week I had two blokes working on the I feel like going out and luring a strong man into the house!
Plus I can't keep on going out and leaving my door open!
As the man from the glass door company finally arrived around tea time yesterday he discovered that he had brought with him a window unit and not the door unit I needed. He's coming again early this morning....there is a feeling of déjà vu here just now!
It's all part of the same problem. I miss him!

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  1. [*] for patience and for a resolution to the rug problem and the door handle problem.

  2. The rug is now down! My gardener carried it up the stairs for me! It's at least four times bigger than I expected it to be....the very kind man grinned when he said I'd got my centimetres confused with my inches!
    One more problem yet to solve!

  3. And now the doors fixed too...Time to relax...once I've shifted all the furniture around the new rug!