Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Good versus evil!

Last night I went to see a film. It wasn't at a cinema. It was in the social club in the next village.
Called "Come into the light" it showed the story of a Catholic priest trying and succeeding to some degree to get the children involved in other activities than dog fighting and running wild.
Though he succeeded his efforts became known to the local Mafia and he was killed and the church closed.
It was a very potent portrayal of his story and I believe he has since been canonised having died a true martyr.
The book "To kill a mocking bird" was one I read whilst I was away having realised that it was a gap in my education that needed to be filled.
This morning I wake up to hear that Harper Lee its author has another book to publish written in her youth.
Story telling is potent. It was the way Jesus made his faith available to all. We still use his parables in church and in school.
So this morning I am giving thanks for the story tellers, the film makers who make known the ongoing battle between good and evil.
Put this side by side with the news that IS has killed someone by burning them alive and it is clear that the eternal battle between God and the devil is in full swing.
It is time we are all fully engaged in our own stories...even on a very local level the same battle is played out daily. Lord hear our prayer.

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