Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hi tech Vac!

It was another very mixed day yesterday...but much lightened by the swift delivery of a new vacuum cleaner!
I have done my share of grumbling on here so today I hopefully I redress the balance .
Last week I got a leaflet advertising a lightweight new vacuum cleaner.
Humph! Me and vacuum cleaners have had a long unhappy history!
I've had Dysons and they are excellent but as I get older they get heavier.
I decided to send for this new high tech version because it runs on a battery so there's no long lead to trip over.
I sent for it on Monday. It arrived on Tuesday.
That in itself was a small wonder!
The next was how easily I got it out of the box . Switching it on I was astonished when pressing the button it sprang into life!
I actually said out loud, "It can't be as easy as that."
Now fully charged it is a small minor miracle.
In a house with no cat, dog or child there's not a lot of mess on the floor so this little machine is perfect for me! But the strength of the engine would I think cope with animal hair..
I then spent the last part of the day dealing with another phishing expedition. Beware of anything that asks you to confirm your identity!
The Sharks are out! But even they can't dent my satisfaction with the new very hi tech cleaner!

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  1. Well done you. I think I have seen the vac in question advertised on TV, and have thought about it.
    My current ultra light weight one can be carried upstairs on one finger but keeps separating into its two halves and dropping dust everywhere.
    If yours is the one I think it is I will probably go for one soon. It helps if someone else has tried it first/

  2. I've seen the adverts and I'm highly tempted. Not for home, but for church. The one there is about 30 years old, cumbersome and heavy to pull or push around. Since I've now become part of the cleaning team my back has been suffering. The church does accumulate a fair amount of stuff on the carpets and floors over a week - and this sounds ideal. Must talk to the PCC about getting one.