Friday, 6 February 2015

Huge turn out in the village .

Last evening an extraordinary thing happened. We had been told that our pharmacy was under threat. NHS budget problems was largely to blame. In this village the local population is expanded by holiday makers every year. The chemist stocks all the emergency medicines needed by people suffering sea sickness and sun burn!
But for many of us the chemist is an essential part of our lives, particularly as we age.
At least two hundred people turned up early. There were queues to get in. People who failed to get seats lined the walls and stood for the two hour meeting.
After the speakers finished their addresses at least fifty people contributed . The chemist was astonished. The support for him was genuine, heart felt , sincere and came from every part of the local population.
This was the village at its very best! We were all there to try to keep the chemist going.
The local doctor revealed that the funding to their practice had also been severely cut. NHS cuts are going to mean that the surgeries are going to be reduced in number.
Surely that means that the doctors will have to pay more house visits.
The stories of self help, visits from the chemist and the way we have all benefitted over the years from a local pharmacy as well as our brilliant doctors went on for a couple of hours.
As a coherent group the village pulled together in a truly wonderful way.
I am now praying it was enough to make sure that we will not lose our pharmacy. The village has spoken......very loudly!

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