Monday, 23 February 2015


So many appalling things are happening around the world that it's hard to pick out one thing that is worse than the others but yesterday it was the news that three young women have literally thrown their lives away by leaving loving homes in this country to travel to Turkey and to join IS.
It has been stated that they were travelling to become Jehadi brides!
This is astonishing given that all the reports we read from the ISIS communities indicate the appalling treatment that women are receiving at the hands of young men.
To volunteer to become a bride in those circumstances would be unthinkable for anyone brought up in a loving western home.
So we have to assume that young girls choosing to travel into a war zone have been indoctrinated .
In this country there are people who preach religious hatred and fill the hearts of young people with the wish to fight a Holy War!
The very idea is alien to us but we clearly have to be vigilant now.
I feel very sorry for the parents of these young women because even if the girls return home life will never be the same again for any of them...
Listening to the Intercessions in church yesterday as we prayed for all the appalling things happening around the world I reflected inwardly and said it afterwards....I am glad to be an old woman living in Cornwall . What ever happens in the future of the overcrowded world we live in will not affect me and I will not be here to see it.
But I pray for those who will.

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  1. What is so amazing is that the security authorities say that they have no responsibility for checking the passports of those leaving the country?

    They say it's the Airlines business? Surely that's a complete abdication of responsibility by the government, who've been making lots of noise about preventing (mainly young men) leaving to fight in Syria or elsewhere - but the reality is that these are the latest three from an estimated 50 or more who've gone in the last year or so.

    Whatever we do, we can't hope to control the free movement of people who're not on any 'watch list' from this country - I understand that these young girls were interviewed by the Police after another young women from their school went abroad in December. It obviously had little effect because they've succeeded in fooling their families, their school and the police (making them look utterly inefficient and incompetent).