Monday, 2 February 2015

Power cuts..

A quick look at the weather forecast this morning reveals that we need to wrap up well this week!
Many of us would like some frosty weather to kill off slugs, snails and other pests but this chill has brought back memories of last year when a great deal of my energy was spent in trying to get the house warm.
The failing system of a Magna sweep installation was finally cured but only after weeks of struggling to keep my sick husband warm had left us exhausted mentally as well as physically.
In the end last year I left the heating on all night. It was the only way I could be sure!
Now the oil based central heating is working....but over the last week we have had two electricity power cuts!
Three short bleeps are heard and then there are a few moments in the dark before the light comes on again!
I am not sure wether it's just me or if we have all had them!
The problem this morning though is that it's knocked the switch on the solar tiles off again!
I have to go up the step ladder again!
This is just a nuisance the wider picture it's a mere fragment of a worry...
Trying to get my head around all the idiosyncratic problems found in living in an ancient farmhouse is keeping my brain active....but essentially the pleasures are more than the frustrations. I think....
As the bees feeding from the winter sweet in my garden testify, Spring is only just around the corner!

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