Thursday, 5 February 2015

Power cuts....again.

I've not counted the number of power cuts over the last few days...but there have been a lot! No explanation has been given but today a Facebook friend complained about their number too. She lives a couple of miles away! So it's not just me!
Unfortunately this has repercussions not just to do with losing the power!
The chair lift bleeps continually, trying to tell me that it can't charge it's batteries!
The meter on the solar tiles switches off. The step ladder is now placed ready...but I am still not going up them on my own!
It's impossible to find out what's happening because there's no internet connection! My mobile is very chancy here in deepest darkest Cornwall!
I had been out yesterday when the first cut happened and I opened the front door to hear the continuous bleeping!
It was very worrying till I realised that yet again the power was off!
When it came back on I used my iPad to find the energy supplier for this area and was invited to put in my postcode.
It then told me that 71 other homes in the area were cut off. It would all be sorted out by 6pm. It was around three at that time....but still there was no explanation.
In an area where many elderly people live alone this is very it because the cold weather means more people are turning on electric heaters?
I think we should be told...
In the interim I am praying that today is going to be a free from cuts day!

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