Thursday, 12 February 2015

Shades of grey or blue?

In the midst of deep midwinter it has dawned on me that my choice of clothing has changed quite radically!
I have gone grey...
Grey is a colour I've only just started to goes with everything. it is also very dull!
During the period of mourning I have deliberately not chosen black garments...the Victorian grades of mourning always struck me as much too we chose to address the problem is obviously subjective...
I am now though realising that I have inadvertently put myself into a grey mode!
Grey skirt and grey polo neck covered with a long grey cardigan has been my winter uniform.
So its obviously time to break out.
Yesterday then I put on a pink polo neck!
This felt odd to start with but I realised a bit belatedly that I have to break out...
It is time to go back to some of my bolder statements...a flowered blouse under a pale blue jumper is my idea for is still chilly after all!
What to wear on a daily basis now I often only need a dog collar once a week or so has not been top of my considerations...
That of course is part of the problem. If no one is going to see me anyway it hardly matters...I could stay in pyjamas all day....but I have no grey ones!
I am now set on a complete survey of my winter wardrobe but I doubt if I'll be throwing out the grey uniform.
In the past wearing denim skirts and jeans has determined that the predominant colour of my wardrobe is blue...
I now realise that in previous years my winter wardrobe was mostly shades of navy blue.
I am not in the habit of thinking much about what I put on every morning..but looking back I can see that I've fallen into some very dreary it's time to get dressed....
From this morning on I will chose colours again...who knows where this might take me...but it's definitely time for a change!

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  1. Welcome back to the world of colour. Very important I think.
    Colours can affect your mood as well as your appearance and I for one never have subscribed to the dark colours for old ladies formula.
    Personally my choice leans rather heavily on blues greens and violets and every mixture of shades in that group.
    Beige is my pet hate, but i also never wear yellow, orange brown or anything within that part of the spectrum.
    Even if you spend very little time in front of a mirror, wearing something which suits you can also affect how others see you.
    So, Boldly go......etc.

    1. I hate beige maybe my grey wearing days could have been worse!

  2. I wear a great deal of black always have done, with grey hair it provides a stark contrast. However I do use long scarves brightly coloured and usually long. It's amazing what a vivid pink scarf can make. But days in doors are usually blue day, my Ron used to say 'when in doubt wear blue' and as I am still a jean wearer blue is usually the order of the day