Sunday, 15 February 2015

Speech should be free!

This is a blog I never thought I'd write. The news from Denmark this morning of another killing as people debated free speech has activated feelings I never thought I would have.
When the first wave of Muslims from Pakistan arrived in this country in the seventies I was happy to teach them English, find them jobs and be a spokes person on their behalf.
I liked them and they liked me.
Today I have realised for the first time that Asian immigrants are in every country both here in Europe and in America!
They seem to be colonising the world.
I don't want to think it's a deliberate policy but it is starting to look like it.
By opening our doors to them for decades we seem to have been harbouring those who seek to destroy our way of life and substitute their own laws instead.
Sharia law is scary!
I never thought I would feel this way...there is only one God....we just have different names for Him.
Allah is my God as Jesus is theirs.
I am an old woman...I've seen many scary things in my life time but what is happening in our towns and our schools is very frightening.
As Christians we must love our neighbours as ourselves.
"Love one another as I have loved you" Jesus spoke these words in the lead up to His death.
It's getting harder . Lord hear our prayer.
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  1. I'm not sure that Asian immigration is the cause of the current difficulties we're experiencing in terms of radical Islam, using terrorist tactics to achieve their aim.

    More to the point might have been the centuries of repression under the Ottoman empire, followed by some very poor decisions taken after WW1, which created artificial borders between countries, which in ancient times held a distinct ethnic and religious identity.

    Like decisions made about the 2nd Iraq war, fought on a lie, which destroyed a relatively modern, cohesive state, led by a dictator, but one which maintained the balance of power in that part of the middle east.

    And than Saudi Arabia, a very conservative Kingdom, which has promoted it's own brand of Islam against the Shia brand, and has secretly sponsored terrorism against Shia states across the middle east. They fostered terror as a political and religious tool, which buttering up the west, who are the chief customers for oil.

    The Arab Spring was hailed as a turning point as dictators fell, but 50 years of repression had left a political vacuam, which the radical elements were left with a clear field to step in to break down countries to build their vision of an Islamic state.

    Those who so the seeds, reap the consequences. Military Action on a global scale is needed to overcome these groups, but there is too much hand wringing going on and not enough action.

    The old saying that all it takes for evil to flourish is for a good man to look the other way - we've looked the other way for far too long.