Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Symbols of Spring.

We are once again in Lent.
As I avoided Christmas mostly this year it feels almost alien to find myself in this most solemn of seasons.
Last year the only service I attended was on Good Friday. Somehow tears were acceptable on that day but on Easter Sunday I stayed home....it was still too soon to share my grief.
The year before that was the year we spent Easter on board the Queen Elizabeth . It was impossible to keep a decent Holy Week .
This year then is the first proper Lent for some time!
The congregation reminded me on Sunday that I had always advocated doing something extra sooner than giving up chocolate or booze.
I have yet to make any serious decision about how I will mark this season! I can certainly drink less....
I start tonight with the imposition of ashes....the bits of Palm are ready, having spent two days in the Aga....all I have to do is pound them into a blackish powder!
I am trying very hard to get myself into the right frame of mind now but my relationship with God has received some severe blows over the last years!
In a less gloomy reflection I was astonished yesterday to find a tiny robins egg lying on the grass under a nest.
This symbol of Easter filled me with the joy missing from other areas of my life..I tried to replace it but I'm not sure I got it into the right place!
As a sign that Spring is truly well on its way I found it very touching and it gave me new heart to try to make a good Lent...starting today!

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