Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Yesterday's problems.

It was a gruelling day. The first day of Lent proved to be quite testing.
The roofer and his mate turned up. They wanted to get ahead of the bad weather forecast for the end of the week.
Having watched them erecting towers and putting ladders up in unlikely places I asked them not to do anything dangerous.
"It's all dangerous" the young man said.
And it was. I worried all the time they were on my very high roof!
By lunch time they had spotted a flat tyre on my car. Not fully flat but going in that direction. It's good fortune that the nearest garage is about a hundred yards away. I got it fixed!
The roofers stayed working. The usual crib times never happened. They wanted to finish in a day and they did.
Then another catastrophe struck. It seems I no sooner get one problem sorted out that another feels obliged to surface.
The handle fell off my new front door!
Just like that !
The problem this posed was not easily fixed. I worried that if I went out to my seven o clock service I could not get back in!
I solved this one by leaving one door unlocked!
Off I went to the Ash Wednesday service only to find that my home made ash didn't really leave much of a deposit on the was much too clean!
So today I have another day of sorting out domestic problems.
If anyone asks me what I'm giving up for Lent they could get an interesting reply!

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  1. Give up, giving up.

    I was ashed twice. Last night and again this morning. Sometimes it's worth doing penance for two days on the trot. :)

    [*] for you as you struggle to cope with the stuff that life seems to throw at you. Still you roof is fixed, your car is fixed and you hopefully will have fixed the door handle by now.

    And just think that the light colour on forheads, will be easily washed off, rather than scrubbed with soap and water :)