Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Clearing up!

Yesterday I actually wrote two blogs.....many more if you count the ones that didn't get through! It was a bad start to a very tiring day!

This involved being asked to say prayers in a Guest house where a regular visitor had died the previous night. We lit a candle for him. I've never done this in a home's always been in a church so it felt odd, but I was able to soothe the people involved who had been very upset by a guest dying alone during the night.

I came home to resume my attempts at chucking out long neglected stuff that is not now needed on my really is amazing how much I've kept from previous lives....I've now moved house from various parts of the country so many times that I've lost count.

The detritus of those lives is now clogging my drawers!

One of the treasures I found yesterday was a photograph in a frame of the first David. He is standing with our Golden retriever, Major in a steep lane leading down to a beach with turquoise sea in the background...

It's about three miles away from where I now live!

I wondered then what he would think of the life I live now....very different from my life with him in deepest darkest Essex.

I think he'd be first amazed and then just a little jealous at my achieving what was then our common move to Cornwall permanently!

But he has remained the youngish handsome man showed in the old photograph, whereas I am now now old and crumbly!

Today's rummage through the past could be just as interesting!

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  1. We have to be aware 'someone' will be clearing up after us. It all depends on what you want them to see, and maybe ridicule