Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dogs I have loved.

Tonight I have been aware that my dog was lying in the room next to me . It's never happened before so I'm not sure why tonight! I don't mean of course that he's there when I look....but something in the corner of my eye suggests the familiar shape.
Crispin died two days before my son died. I've never "felt" him since.
When my springer spaniel died I used to "feel " him snuggling up in the crook of my back in bed for weeks afterwards.
William had been a naughty dog so he was mine. Several times a decree had been issued after he'd bitten the wrong thing or person that he had to go...Once I took him up the mountain where we lived in North Wales and kept him out till it went dark and the vets were shut!
Major the golden retriever was a rescue dog in Essex. He had been an adorable Christmas puppy who had grown into a complete hooligan at eight months. He was head of his gang of four boys until the long August holidays drove their mother demented.
Crispin another golden I had from six weeks. He travelled to live in Cornwall with me two weeks after the old boy died .
He lived to be fourteen and was beautiful to the end.
During all the angst since his death I've never been troubled by his shade.....until tonight!
I wrote that late last night!  In the clear morning light it is clearly fanciful ....ahem!

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  1. This is something I have heard many people say after losing a beloved pet, but have never experienced in this way.
    I do however, sometimes see a cat (unspecified) whisk round the corner of a room just out of sight.
    Not something I would ever try to explain, but just accept gladly.
    "There are more things in heaven and earth " etc.
    Beautiful picture of your lovely golden.

  2. Not fanciful, just a willingness to see things through sense and imagination that God has gifted to us, that others might not.

    If there is a heaven for humans, why not for our companions along the way? We limit our selves if we believe anything isn't possible in God's wonderful Kingdom.