Tuesday, 17 March 2015


The gremlins are working against me this morning. I blame the new update from Apple! Nothing is working quite right since. Blogger appears to be having a nervous breakdown. Every time I press "save" it doesn't!

For this reason I have come back to Blogsie ...a wonderful system which ended up by not putting in the photos I wanted! I am now trying again, having created new passwords etc!

Jumping through the hoops on a regular basis has become part of my daily tussle with the Internet whose blessings are still more than their cursings!

Fingers crossed....I am about to press the button!


  1. If your reading this you know it succeeded. Yeah!

  2. Good on yer!
    If all else fails there's always semaphore :-)

  3. That is perhaps the issue with #Apple tech. So many updates, which can affect older equipments in unexpected ways. A bit like microsoft which in new versions eliminates support for older equipment.

    Not everyone can afford to update their tech when a new software version is released, so updates should always be backwardly compatible.

    I find this. A windows 8 device I have, also has the latest version of office 365, which converts my presentations and documents to the latest version, with no option to save as a previous version. And my old version off Office, won't work on windows 8.

    Bah humbug.