Monday, 30 March 2015

Holy Week ills!

I had a very busy few days....not church related, it was invitations to meals and celebrations with old friends...all coming over a three day period!

Lots of good conversations and food over such a short period has left me tired this determination to " get back to normal" has worked despite the weather!

Yesterday the wind blew so hard that it knocked me down! When I tried to get to my car at one stage it flattened me against my gate! Fortunately the wind on the other side of the peninsula was not blowing quite such a hooley!

This morning apart from feeling first triumphant and secondly weary I have also got a problem with my teeth!

The excellent pork crackling I ate yesterday is still with me! Stuck in my teeth! So far it has resisted all my efforts to dislodge it resulting in a sore tongue!

Bill Vanstone my first priest who has shaped the rest of my life with his essential goodness and Christianity always had a very sore boil on his neck during Holy Week which he dealt with stoically!

If this bit of pig nestling between my teeth stays for the week I shall suspect that it's my cross to bear, no matter how tongue is very sore rubbing along the jagged edge.

It's one way of keeping me quiet!


  1. Holy Week seems to be a time of trial for us all. I've managed to put perol into a deisal car today and so will be without it until the garage can fix it for me! I feel such a fool but it will mean I have to slow down and spend time reflecting and preparing for the coming weekend rather than dashing madly around the villages trying to do too much.

    1. It's an I'll wind......but it's very easy to put the wrong fuel in. I've almost done several times!