Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mothers Day!

Trying to keep myself busy during the much dreaded Mother's Day I have come across lost items. In a drawer tucked well away were the palm crosses saved for Ash put back to wait a year!
I found an entire Service of the word, never actually used but the printed colourful sheets might just "come in"
Long abandoned phones came to light...I don't know what the protocol might be for those these days!
And then I met my Waterloo!
There nestling in the drawer was the Nintendo DS that my son gave me for Mothers Day! I can't now remember how many years ago. But it's now redundant since the advent of the iPad.
The amazing thing is that it still had life in its battery!
The sight of that with its red glowing light did for me....oh's going to be a difficult day!

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