Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Not a good week!

Keeping Holy Week holy has always been a bit problematic. I am reminded of the times we were on the high seas...impossible to keep except in our hearts...

On special days like Maunday Thursday , the traditional day for a priest to renew the vows taken at ordination I have always tried to keep it properly even without a church to attend!

This week I have a funeral on that day so I will be unable to get to the cathedral.

The anniversary of the first David's death fell on Easter Sunday...all I was able to do on that day was take lilies to the church and then scuttle home to weep in peace!

Holy Week should be special I think...it prepares us for the horror of death followed by the glory of resurrection...but as I get older it has become more personal, filled with good and painful memories of people and times past!

This year has brought its own problem in the shape of a painful blister on my tongue!

Eating is difficult and mostly liquid! Speaking is painful and with a thick tongue lacks my usual clarity....

The mouthwash is the one used by David in his last weeks...

And yet...we are moving towards the wonderful moment of joyful realisation!

I just hope my reflections and problems somehow resolve themselves in time to help the bereaved, sing the hymns and pray for the dear departed on Thursday! .

Holy Week was never designed to be easy.....



  1. May the problems you current have and the grief you carry be used by the Lord as you minister to others, especially on Thursday. I sometimes think we may be more useful when we know we are weak, than when we think we are strong - that's my experience anyway.

    1. I sincerely hope you are right Nancy!

  2. I can't do the lead up to Easter Sunday this year. Normally I do try to attend all the services but Ash Wednesday nearly finished me off so I am asking the good Lord to forgive me this year. Like you I always find the lead up to Easter Sunday sad and this grieving lady cannot cope with more. I shall be in church on Sunday for the loveliest service of the year. I will be thinking of you Jean xx

  3. A few words from a sermon read a week or so ago, about Jesus being on the side of the weak and troubled, because a man, nailed to a cross can't side with power - he knows the pitfalls of that. I pray that your suffering will subside in time for you too abide with Jesus and your people at Easter.