Monday, 2 March 2015

Old and grey!

I was up a little earlier than usual this morning....I was on a mission!
Yesterday after a walk along a beach my friend and I went for a meal in the near bye hotel!
I caught sight at one point of a dishevelled old woman with grey hair that was much too long and realised with some shock that it was me reflected in the plate glass windows...
It was one of those moments of revelation when truth was fully understood. Not only do I feel like an old woman I look like one as well!
Returning home I considered my image reflected in various lights....there was no getting away from it....I really have aged massively in the last year!
Nothing I can do about that or even want to do... I can live with the grey, the aging and the reduced appetite. I am not yet skeletal but I have lost a lot of weight over the last year....this does not help the aging process!
So, waking up before seven I got myself out of bed. It was time to fight back a little.
I cut my hair. I've never let it get so long before and I lopped off a couple of inches all round. It is now bedding for the local birds...
A shower , a blow dry and a coffee later and I am feeling much better...
So I can get on with the preparations for another funeral...and tuck my tears behind me.
I am not going to be a frail old woman....I am much too bloody minded for that!

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  1. It was after I had my cataracts done I realised how wrinkled & old looking I was!

  2. I know that I'm not as far down the line as you. But all of the greyness is very evident in me. But I hear that for a man it's distinguished? I'm not sure about that. But beauty is they say in the eyes of the beholder, and I think that beauty radiates out from your inner self :) Enuff said :)