Thursday, 26 March 2015

Old times remembered!

The process of sorting out my office meant that I found things written years ago, and this has started me on a period of reflection.

During my life there have been so many Jeans, all slightly different, the common core being God but now the various strands of my life are coming together in this place! So I started on other rooms this week whilst the mood to sort out continues!

Sorting through my jewellery boxes I found old rings. One is a lovely opal ring which I am now wearing for the first time in forty years! Everything in the box reminded me of different periods of my life....the miserable times interspersed with the good.

In my mind I have revisited all the homes I've had and left behind.

Each new place brought new friends, many long forgotten but some still seminal influences in the path I have followed.

So last night I got a phone call from an old friend of sixty years ago!

We both attended Bill Vanstone"s church in Rochdale back in the fifties and I got in touch with him before my ordination because I knew he had gone into the church! He and his wife have since visited me here and shared meals with me and David.

Time plays weird tricks on you as you get older . We remembered how much we both owed to this wonderful church man, W H Vanstone. But mostly we just nattered. Time dropped away.

There have been so many versions of me, each one shaped by circumstances and loved ones that to remember my roots now is just amazing....despite my losses there is still so much to be grateful for....and who knows what today may bring?



  1. We had a quiet morning this morning with bishop Brian Castle.

    He majored on Francis of Assisi and his subversive way of doing God.

    One eye catching question was "Imagine yourself standing bare before Jesus - with it all hanging out, baggage, vulnerabilities, hopes, wishes, beliefs, everything on show - what would you say to Jesus?

    Now there's a thing. Many things I might say, but probably in order:



    The bible is darn hard to understand - and continually changes every time that I read it? Is this a plan?

    In your case, you probably already blogged it, so you'd give him a link to the blog :)