Sunday, 22 March 2015

Piles of paper!

I have tidied my office! It took a week but it is done...more or less!

As we live up stairs in this old farmhouse the downstairs comprises a dining room and kitchen and two offices! Mine is the big one and David's the smaller one next door to it!

We moved here during an intergnum...we were too busy to unpack properly so things were dumped by our removal men and stayed roughly in the same place for years!

Cupboards were stuffed with things that we didn't know what to do with!

The barn next door held much materiel from the detritus of two lives! And our spouses!

In the aftermath of David's illness and death there was little time for I got to grips with the bills and how to pay them!

Only now a year later have I had time to really sort out the unwanted from the rubbish and I have spent the last two weeks in my office moving things around....

One book shelf now contains an entire row of various translations of the Bible. Don't ask me why!

Then I had to tackle the stacks of files, the paper work of ten years in the church which took up massive areas of untidy mess.....old sermons were joined with marriage applications, christening requests...a huge amount of paper...collected into piles, unsorted and unloved!

It's taken me a week but looking around it now I see a huge improvement. It's not quite tidy but neither is it chaos.

Sitting with a coffee I can look around and smile.

So now I just have to tidy David's office....which houses some of our joint endeavours.....some of my tidying, stroke clearing, just involved a sideways shuffle! Back to the drawing board!

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