Saturday, 14 March 2015

Precious memories.

I am being strongly reminded of my travels with David just now. Last night watching the survival program set in Costa Rica I saw the river running through the inhospitable jungle and my mind took me back to a trip David and I took through that country two years ago. We took a train into the interior which went perilously close to homes where people sat on their doorsteps to wave as we steamed past them. Having gone a long way by train we did the return journey by boat....a tour boat , very safe with no dangers of any kind. We glided through the jungle seeing the huge alligators basking on the shore and a huge variety of birds in the trees. It was completely safe...the only thing that bit me was a midge!
It was nothing like the journey being filmed by one of the lecturers on the last cruise I went on...but I had seen some of the terrain both in life and on the screen.
This morning I woke to hear news that another Pacific Island was being devastated by a massive cyclone.
I have friends aboard the Queen Victoria now sailing from Australia to New Zealand.
The tiny Polynesian islands are also very beautiful and the last time David and I landed on one of them it was recovering from a storm which had done huge damage to the superstructure .
Vivid memories flood in as I pray for all those lovely carefree people in the islands as well as those friends not too far away...
Keep them all safe Lord!

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