Thursday, 12 March 2015

Radio for company!

My return to the solitary life lived before I met David is now more or less accomplished.
There is a radio by my bed which I switch on as soon as I wake up. As I move around the house there are now radios in every room, including the kitchen so that as I work I can press a button to continue the flow so no one word by various broadcasters need be lost!
Two of the radios are of the solar power variety and are placed by the windows. If it's been dull they have windup handles to keep the news flowing!
There is a "posh " one in the sitting room, a Bang and Olafson wall hung job which David listened to during his last days. But his choice was always Classic FM.
As the date for the general election advances I tend to get hooked by current events and news missing an odd word here and there is annoying, depending on who is speaking!
Getting this arrangement sorted out in this much more idiosyncratic house has taken months...but is now complete...except for one room!
In David's dressing room his radio is still set to Classic!

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