Friday, 13 March 2015

Resomation, cremation or burial?

We have real problems here when we are approached by the relatives of a loved one who has died.
The main problem is that we have run out of burial space.
The last burial I did was actually going to be the last space in the graveyard but when I got there I found a new grave had been dug much closer to the church...the original one had collapsed as water running down from the hills had weakened the whole area!
For the last six months we have found odd places here and there whilst a new piece of ground is being prepared...
As this has meant cutting down beautiful mature trees there has been a lot of local angst...which I share whilst at the same time knowing that burying people is important to many of us.
If space can be found in old family graves then it is easy...mostly...
I have stipulated in my will that I wish to be cremated...the pint or so of ash is much easier to bury than an entire body.
So I read with interest this morning of a new method of reducing the human body to a manageable size.
It's called Resomation. The body is placed in a sealed container with potassium hydroxide and heated. After three hours all that is left are the bones which are then ground down and given to the relatives of the loved one!
It sounds a bit gruesome but then so do all the other methods of disposal....
I apologise to anyone shuddering at all this but solutions do have to be found in this over populated world...
I have left instructions that I should have a wicker coffin. Putting it in a forest and letting it all disperse naturally sounds OK but the reality is that it will then be cremated and my ashes interred with David's.
Hopefully not too soon!

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