Saturday, 28 March 2015

Save our NHS...please

Having listened to politicians talking about the NHS and the need for more money to answer all its current problems I find that I am wondering why .

Mine is a very simplistic approach I'm sure but in the middle of all the figures on deficits and shortfalls there is a common theme occurring. Why on earth privatise sections of this huge organisation if it is so short of money.

Gradually services have been hived off, put to private tenure, services that used to be run by the NHS for the NHS are now being run by companies who make a profit!

If a profit can be made from such services why are they not going back into the NHS?

Whilst my husband was being treated for a brain tumour last year several changes became obvious during a six month period.

Each time we queried it, particularly the ambulance service we were told it had been privatised. When he had to be moved one weekend a St Johns ambulance staffed by volunteers arrived for which we were very grateful but the point was made that the whole service was undergoing a major shake up due to privatisation.

Somebody somewhere must expect to make money from taking on cleaning contracts if a profit can be made why is it not going to the NHS rather than individuals.

I am sure that lots of facts and figures can be presented to explain all this away...I know my view is a very simple one but the start of privatisation is now well under way..with some pretty devastating repercussions.

This week our local hospital downed tools for an afternoon to try to stop some of the worst effects of privatisation. Doctors and nurses stood together on this.

As the main plank in the election campaign this affects us all! Please let this wonderful organisation with all it faults and failures remain intact despite all the attempts to undermine it!


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  1. The problems of the NHS reflect the society we live in. Many years ago people needed free treatment because they were poor; now they expect it and we give it out like water to all and sundry. People have abused the NHS for many years. When my wife was a raiographer she would tell me of people who could not be bothered to see a doctor during the week so they would go to casualty on a Sunday afternoon.
    There are too many people employed by the NHS who do a poor job but people these days are not say so. If course there are MANY excellent, dedicated NHS workers but, as my choirmaster used to say, if you have 19 good violininsts and 1 bad violinist you have 20 bad violinists (It took me years to work that out).
    There are also too many managers!!!