Monday, 23 March 2015

Social media! Ahem!

Sometimes I hate Facebook...but yesterday it made me laugh...a lot! A video of a wedding with everyone joining in dancing and singing sat side by side with a wonderfully funny game on American TV which made me roar with laughter.

I have "Friends" from all over the world as well as long lost relations but the bulk of my friends are local...people I bump into regularly as I walk through the various villages..

Recently I found a way of cutting out some of the worst bits. A small "v" by the side of posts means you can chose what to see!

I have cut out the dreadful "Britain First" Stuff posted by well meaning good friends. This was easy to do and caused no offence.

The worst thing are the frequent invitations to games....I do play Scrabble with people found long before Facebook took it over, but none of the other games like Candy crush...I suspect that these are generated by Face book itself judging by other people's reactions to the invitations. I have yet to find a way of stopping them!

Dropping out of this social media site crops up fairly regularly when I get cross but it is the only way I keep in touch with friends from 40 years it's much better than a Christmas card once a year! .

Some days I just flick through growling softly at some stuff found on there but the laughter generated at the same time most days makes up for the angst!

In the short time since Messenger took over communications I have been asked to marry people, christen babies and last week to do a sort of gentle exorcism, all by courtesy of social media!

Weird relations, long lost friends, occasional laughter....they all make up for the irritations...for the time being!




  1. The same little "v" will give you the chance to turn off a game when you are invited to join it. I use it frequently - hope this helps x

    1. It does Pat....thank you...a word I don't use often enough with you!

  2. There is an option under facebook preferences that allows you to opt out of games and too stop people sending you invitations to them. Since I turned it on, I haven't had one invite.