Sunday, 29 March 2015

Village social life!

Its very very rough outside this morning so last night was the calm before the storm!

I drove down into the village for a birthday party! It was at the village hall which was full of old some cases very old friends!

Some of us turned up looking as though the storms of life had left their weathering mark on us, I do include myself in that statement. One or two I havnt seen for over a year looked well but battered....

I am reminded of the trees up here on the cliffs....slightly bent, bare of foliage and trying very hard to regenerate!

Greeted by people I havnt seen since before David died was easier than it might have been. The non church goers , having not caught a glimpse of me for a very long time were very warm and easy to be explanations were needed. In a village this size we all know roughly what's happening to each other!

The food and drink flowed around us brought by other slightly younger was a good evening and I discovered that there is another drawback to being on my own! I can't drink alcohol now at parties because I am driving! Last time I was a widow I lived in the next village where my house was close to its centre so that I could walk to everything!

We scarcely see a policeman here in the winter but if I caused even a tiny accident I would feel dreadful so after a very small glass of wine I stopped , reflecting that I took David for granted on this issue too!

Out of a group of over a hundred people at least twenty said they would call in next time they were passing...I think my self imposed purdah has come to its end...I'd better get some hot cross buns in!

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