Saturday, 25 April 2015

A nice shade of Green!

I am turning green....daily I get more exasperated by the main parties...the posturing, the attempts to persuade us that life will suddenly become easier if we vote for any of the traditional parties.

Labour, Conservative and Liberals have ignored the most vital part of any election issue today. And it is the effects of global warming and the consequences of living in an over crowded world.

Huge tides, earthquakes, natural disasters all over the world seem to show a distinct change in our planets Eco system and the only party which even mentions this is the Green Party!

Fracking here in England, attempts to supplement our diminishing fossil fuels by extracting oil in the Arctic are all recipes for even more climate change I think...

Finding ways of using renewable energy should surely be top of every parties agenda...but the only party to talk about it is the Green Party.

I used to fret about wasting my vote especially here in Cornwall but when the leader of the Greens told us to vote for what we believe in then I am moved.

God gave us a planet rich in everything we needed to sustain life. We seem to be allowing the multi nationals to make huge profit now without any thought for tomorrow!

So I am turning Green...not a pretty shade...but so be it....I will vote for what I believe in and I am amazed by the strength of feeling I am experiencing for this considerable switch of allegiance!

Even old ladies can feel passion.....Watch out the elderly are on the march!

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