Monday, 6 April 2015

Action needed!

Today is the day when I must take action on the vexed question of my mouth!

Yesterday was difficult. I managed the early communion with no problem but by lunch time I was hurting.

I cancelled a planned lunch at one of the local hotels after failing to eat a banana for breakfast!

I sent one visitor home after a very easy lunch because talking to her was painful!

When the phone rang later I had to stop the conversation because talking by that time was even more painful!

For someone whose main fault is that I talk too much this is ironic!

So I can't eat and I can't talk....I have to admit to myself that it's not going to magically get better. I just failed to realise that something as stupid as getting pork crackling stuck in a tooth would be so difficult to sort out!

So today I have to find help! Waiting till Tuesday is a much better idea but I am in this mess by way of procrastination and a certain amount of shame at the neglect to be revealed in the mouth!

Next weekend I am busy....I need to get on with this....despite foaming at the mouth at the very thought of visiting a dentist! Arghhhh!

Hopeless. I am now up and moving and telling myself that it can all wait till tomorrow!

Ok I am a coward.....


  1. You're not a coward for disliking the torture chamber that the Dentist's chair can be - and their knowing looks and disapproval of your lack of cleaning or flossing or wiring (those small wire brushes which make your gums bleed). The remarks about bone loss if you don't do better and the lack of empathy commonly shown.

    Than recommendations for a course of treatment involving a number of visits at £50 or more for each, no mention of NHS treatment, no asking if you're actually entitled to it (OAP) and than the actual torture of the treatment and the hit on your bank account.

    No wonder they're not popular. I've been in their clutches recently and having to wait 2/3 weeks before each appointment, drags the torture out and prolongs the feeling of inadequacy.

    I often wonder if the Dentist is the devils tool to torture us in this life, because he can't expect to get us in the next.

  2. No more than the rest of us Jean, but please do get some help. It could be dangerous to let it go any longer. There must be an emergency dentist somewhere surely, or if that fails, a doctor.
    Prayers and love.

  3. Since writing that this morning I have had a sort of Epiphany....i spent time ringing so called emergency joy at all. I contemplated braving the holiday crowds to get myself to A and E and then I remembered......oh old dentist must be here . It's Easter, the first boating weekend of the year!
    I tried his mobile and he is here, on the boat as I expected and he's coming tonight, complete with "the bag" to get it out. No hesitation on his the past he has rescued me from all sorts of boating accident bumps and bruises....and I trust him completely!
    Thank you to God for old friends!

  4. Wonderful news. I'm so glad for you. You really need rescuing from this affliction. X

  5. Brilliant - the goodness of friends. :)