Saturday, 4 April 2015


Alleluia He is risen!

I send that greeting to all of my friends with the wish that they enjoy the Easter holiday even in a secular way!

Years ago if I was writing about someone I'd met via the net I would always put "friend" in inverted though the friend wasn't real, it was just an English way of doing it. Now "friend" needs no commas.

Some of my friends on Twitter and Facebook are people I've known for years. Some since before I moved to Cornwall. Some I have met in person of course. People on Facebook tend to be relations or colleagues, people I see fairly regularly...but the ones on Twitter are mostly strangers...except of course they are not.

Last year or possibly the year before I met someone in church who I'd known via Twitter for years. She recognised me but I would have had no clue to her identity till she introduced herself.

I have made friends with people who read my blog , who have left kind comments on it...I often find they are bloggers too and reciprocate regularly.

If we met face to face we would not recognise each other unless our avatars are much better than I think they are! But I count them as real friends, not just disembodied voices in print!

And when they get in touch giving me advice and warmth and love I value it in a way that some of my other "friends" don't understand.

The Internet has many faults and is used by unscrupulous people for their own ends but today I thank God with all my heart for my disembodied friends...

And I also thank God for the joy I can feel on this Easter morning and share with all my friends both in the church where I am headed now and here on the net!

He is risen indeed. Alleluia!



  1. He is risen indeed. Happy Easter Jean.

  2. Thanks you you both. I have just arrived back from doing the eight o'clock service...God was very kind to me. My blister does not hurt when I speak this morning! I have yet to try to eat!

  3. It's always lovely to come here for a dose of sanity - because that's what I get. The trials and tribulations of someone struggling (as we all do) to cope with life and trauma, while also caring and loving for so many others.

    And along with it a timely dose of the holy spirit in the interactions highlighted and the goodness and kind hearts of people that you describe. In a cynical world - here we get optimism, even if there is a bit of pain mixed in with it.

    As I grow older, having to prove to my barber yesterday that I'm definitely an official OAP to get his discount - I wondered why where that pride which a few years ago would have prevented me from claiming the discount has gone? Perhaps God's grace has knocked it out of me - because it no longer bothers me. Grey hair (still a full head of it, while my son is balding) and medical issues, causing me to take 5 different prescribed meds a day, don't stop my being the essential me - just 66 and a bit and hopefully a lot wiser and happier than a few years ago, when I struggled with lots of stuff. Now laid at the foot of the cross and embracing the redemption freely offered.

    Please keep up the good work - and just remember that prayers are offered here for you daily, as I'm sure that many others do as well.

    [*] for the blister and healing.

  4. Bless you Earnie....that's the first time I've been called sane!
    And I do thank you for your prayers too....xx