Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Avoiding pig products!

I apologise yet again for returning to the problem of my teeth! Or rather the long blister adorning the tongue running along side of the tooth!

I went down to the local dentist very early this morning....it seemed only fair as he was the one who'd done the original filling.

I explained that the first collapse was due to eating a bacon sandwich only a month after the deep root job he'd done originally. I then went on to tell him about the crackling....by which time it was fairly obvious that from now on I should stay well away from pig products!

He smoothed it all off without attempting to gouge out the remains of the pig so I have to go back this afternoon to have it all done properly.....he is confident that if I stay away from pigs In the future it will be a viable tooth!

My friend is still on his boat...problems at sea etc... So he's missed the moaning and groaning here!

I can now contemplate eating my hot cross bun, waiting since Friday!

As I am a total coward prayers may be needed around three this afternoon!



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