Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bring back the large cat?

I've checked....we are passed April Fools day but an unlikely story in the news this morning feels surreal!
Bring back the Lynx!
The very large cat that previously roamed this land may be resurrected! Not actually of course but a modern survivor may be reintroduced to various places in the UK .
The idea is to keep the numbers of deer down!
Deer do damage! They eat new crops, damage trees, and can damage fences and other property! We do not know if the Lynx does similar damage because we havnt seen one here for a very long time!
This is of interest to those of us who live in rural Cornwall. We do have deer as regular nocturnal visitors....but they are shy creatures, they mostly visit my garden in the dark hours during winters where food is short! I find their hoof prints in damp earth and catch the occasional glimpse as I marvel at their ability to jump five foot hedges!
We also have wild cats. They occasionally mate with domestic cats hereabouts and some very interesting mixtures are regular visitors. My dog used to bark at both deer and cats if they arrived in his garden but now my visitors roam free and so far have been no problem...
I am not sure how I would feel on meeting a much larger cat at the bottom of my garden. I am sure that finding a dead or wounded deer in it would be a major upset!
I know that people much wiser than me will take the decision and I know that my own anxieties are of no consequence to anyone but as someone who occasionally puts out food for the wild cats and who get hissed at for my pains...I really hope the powers that be will think this one through carefully.
The Lynx is described as a medium large predator. There is a reason why they have not been seen in this country for several hundred years!

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  1. Hmmm Not at all sure about this one Jean. The lynx does not sound like a good addition to our native wildlife and to be honest I didn't think it was a native animal.
    As you say they die out for a reason and whatever you believe about evolution it is certain that some species have disappeared as part of the evolutionary process.
    After all we no longer have dinosaurs doe we? Apart from in certain political parties that is.