Friday, 24 April 2015

Dad dancing!

One of those daft things on Facebook yesterday prompted a host of memories from a very long time ago!
We had to put in our date of birth and they then told you which song was number one on the day you were born!
Mine was the Benny Goodman number, "Swing, swing, swing! "
Accompanying it was a video showing two wonderful dancers moving rhythmicly  to it!
Gosh! A memory surfaced from a time so long ago that it seemed unlikely but it's true, it actually happened.
I grew up during the war. My grandparents looked after me and the two strangers who were my parents finally reclaimed me when I was six.
It was a tough period of re settlement .
I went to the local Sunday School every Sunday and occasionally they held dances. One of these was on the Mothering Sunday weekend and my parents came!
Couples up and dancing were fairly sedate when to my astonishment my dad said, "Shall we show them how to do it Irene? "
They got up and I prepared for maximum embarrassment. I was then about nine!
No need! The way they swept around the room was astonishing. Other parents stopped to make way for them as they danced. Amazing! They looked like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to me! It showed a completely different side of them that I'd never dreamed existed!
I had completely forgotten this incident till now...just this once...thank you Facebook! It's good to have one good memory of that troubled time .

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